If you need speed!

Welcome to CFT and welcome to more than 100 years with gears.
Our absolute strongest skill is speed.  We have become quicker and quicker over the years and today we often offer deliveries of complete productions within 24 hours or less.
With our more than 100 gear machineries we are always ready for takeoff.
24 hours a day.
Small volumes – high quality and extreme short delivery time are our absolute favorite experiences.
We love to be challenged on speed...

Musketeers for gears

More than 100 years with gears...
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CFT A/S - Ravnsbjergvej 8, Søsum - DK 3670 Veksø, Denmark - Telefon (+45) 47 17 02 60 - Fax (+45) 47 17 01 05 - Mail cft@cft.dk