Masters of precision

Satisfying every need for customised gears
for more than a century

At CfT, we’re dedicated to developing and manufacturing high-quality gears and transmission components. We specialize in small numbers and work with clients from many industries and all around the world. 

Since we started in 1949, we ‘ve been paying great attention to every detail, and this has made us a trusted partner with great expertise and a vast network of specialists.

Today, most processes and know-how are located in-house. We still care greatly about our extensive network of specialists and partners. A quality that many of our customers also appreciates as we can be the total project supplier. This way, customers get the best service and shortest possible delivery times. 

Just like our gears, we’re never standing still, and we’re always looking to expand our knowledge and develop new solutions in close collaboration with our customers.


We have the experience and knowledge to handle all processes needed to transform almost any material into world-class gears. We’re also capable of delivering a broad variety of industrial components from housings to bearings to shafts to whatever you’re looking for. Just ask us.


Servicing our customers is the core value to us. We consider ourselves gear consultants, and we’re able to assist you through the entire process from requirements and specifications until the final product is delivered. It all depends on your needs.


After more than 100 years in the business, you can trust us to always deliver quality. We follow the entire process closely and measure all gears in accordance with our strict quality guidelines. This means that we deliver great value in every step of the production. We call it gears the CfT way, and it’s why some of our customer relationships date back to the 1950s.

We’re a family-owned business with gears running in our blood for over 100 years


Ravnsbjergvej 8, Søsum
3670 Veksø

(+45) 47 17 02 60