It all started back in 1890

The interest in gears is deeply rooted in our family. The company has come a long way since it all started, and we continue to develop and find new ways to perfect our trade

The early days

Way back in 1890, Hans Peter Hervard worked as a Technical Manager for Danish Rail, and part of his job was being responsible for all gears and transmissions for the trains. This is where the love affair with gears and transmission components started, and obviously the feeling for gears must have touched the family. Because 30 years later, his son, Emil Hervard, was employed at the company Stub Gears in Copenhagen which was the biggest gear company in Northern Europe at the time.

Starting the company

After more than 20 years as a shop floor manager and gear specialist, Emil Hervard started his own gear company in October 1949. He named the company CfT, and it was located in Hvidovre, where the family built a factory. From the very first day, the company philosophy was set in stone – or in gears:

“Keep promises, behave decently and be very quick.”

In 1954, Emil’s son, Mogens Selby Hervard, took over CfT and introduced a trading department that offered all kinds of high-quality standard transmission components from stock. “Call before 02.00 PM – Delivery next day”. This combination of great quality and swift service was unique in our business at the time and still is.

New times, new inventions

In 1974, it became Bent Emil Selby Hervard’s turn to take over the family business. With new inventions such as the telefax and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machinery, a whole new world opened up. By now, CfT provided 24-hours service, and the company built up a huge network of suppliers. CfT also got accustomed to new words as calibration, QA and QC and especially the Japanese “Just in time”. We were ready to go global.

The modern CfT

In 1991, we moved CfT to our current headquarters in the middle of a forest in the beautiful and remote countryside. Here, we have oceans of space to refine our concept and expertise and serve our customers.

Today, we have a crew of more than 20 employees; each of them dedicated professionals and very service-minded. We’re still operative 24 hours a day, and we use our 4,000 m2 of advanced machinery to maintain our day-to-day delivery. Our ambition is that we will always have a workplace founded on respect, dedication, and care for each other – and that we continue to meet our customers’ expectations by keeping our promises, behaving decently and acting very quickly.

Year by year


CfT now as a new and optimised gear and tooling specialist with the fitting name, CfT World Class Gears.


CfT takes a leap forward digitally with the implementation of a new, fully integrated production planning and management system, Monitor.


We proudly receive our ISO 9000 certification.


Robot technology fully makes its way into our production with the purchase of a dedicated Motoman robot cell together with an Okuma LT 200 and an Okuma MA60 HA milling center to improve production capacity and shorten lead times.


We add to our Okuma machines with four Gildemeister CNC lathes.


Our turning department decides to go with the Okuma family for the future. Two new Okuma LB 300 raise the bar of our turning abilities.


With the launch of the concept ‘CfT – Your Industrial Supply Partner’, we offer all kinds of tooling and supply of transmission and industrial components. The offering is warmly welcomed in the Scandinavian industry and still is, gathering many small suppliers in one supply partner.


A new chapter begins with the implementation of a full CNC machine park for all processes. Especially the purchase of two Höfler gear grinders combined with a Zeiss gear measuring machine guarantee top quality precision gears.


We establish a professional board.


We move to our current headquarters in the middle of a forest in Soesum with oceans of space to refine our concept.


We purchase the first CNC gear hobbing machine in Denmark.


Mogens Selby Hervard passes away, and his son Bent Emil Selby Hervard takes over the leadership of the family business.


Emil´s son, Mogens Selby Hervard takes charge of the family gear company and expands with a trading department.


After more than 20 years as a shop floor manager and gear specialist with Stub Gears, Emil Selby Hervard starts his own company and names it CfT. It’s located in Hvidovre, only 6 km from central Copenhagen.


Hans Peter’s son, Emil Selby Hervard, is employed at Stub Gears, the biggest gear company in Northern Europe at the time.


As Technical Manager for Danish Rail, Hans Peter Hervard becomes responsible for gears and transmissions for all the trains.